Mission and goals

Our mission:

Ristone Holdings is one of the leading vertically integrated and multi-disciplinary agro-industrial holdings in the South-East of Ukraine. The fundamental principles of the holding’s activity are: orientation to the result, synergy of the holding’s enterprises interconnected in the technological chain, efficiency and dynamics of development, stability and success in achieving the set goals.

Our mission is the development of a modern, high-tech, socially responsible and time-resistant multidisciplinary agricultural holding on the territory of Ukraine. Groups of agricultural enterprises united in Ristone Holdings are aware of their responsibility to people and nature. We implement European financial, economic, biological, ecological and social principles of activity on the territory of Ukraine, which allow:

  • Stable supply of competitive, safe and high-quality products for its niche in the global food security of Ukraine.
  • Meet all modern requirements of international certification of enterprise management, technological processes and finished products.
  • To occupy the domestic Ukrainian market with Ukrainian products and enter world markets, in particular, European ones.
  • Implement the policy of financial stability and stable development in the interests of our business partners and investors.
  • In general, integrated from many self-sufficient components, the mission of Ristone Holdings is that the agro-industrial sector of Ukraine will transform the country, take a worthy place in the economy and become one of the important factors of development and well-being of both the regions of our presence and the state as a whole.

Our goals:

In the conditions dictated by global trends of financial instability, permanent crisis and increased competition, we systematically work on creating effective strategies for the development of Ristone Holdings in order to form opportunities and algorithms for sustainable development and timely response to changes occurring both internally and externally environment This policy of the holding is implemented through the solution of systemic theoretical, methodological and practical issues related to the formation of a system of balanced indicators of segments of the agricultural holding, the application of effective strategies for the growth of financial and economic results of activity.
The main integrated goal of Ristone Holdings is to build and improve such an algorithm of activity, so that all enterprises of the holding, without exception, work according to European standards and criteria:

  1. So that the technological process and products produced meet all the requirements of the European Union directives regarding the safety of the environment and the end consumer;
  2. So that working conditions at Ristone Holdings enterprises were safe, met global requirements and stimulated the labor activity of personnel;
  3. So that the topic of ecology and nature protection is always a priority, in the center of attention when making any decisions related to the development strategy of Ristone Holdings;
  4. So that our policy of social responsibility affects the development of the territories of our presence, increases the quality of life of rural residents and rural settlements.

We focus on global practices and adapt to the best of them, given the unique features and capabilities of our company. We are not afraid of changes, perceiving them as new opportunities for development. We improve the quality of our assets by improving and introducing new technologies, implementing high standards of management management, promptly responding to market requests, increasing the financial and economic efficiency of our own and borrowed funds.

Our tasks:

We live in a dynamic world, therefore, the primary task of Ristone Holdings is to expand the spheres and increase the efficiency of activities thanks to the search, formation and implementation of modern innovative technologies.

Responding to the challenges of the times, we set ourselves the task of increasing business sustainability based on Ristone Holdings system audit and consulting according to international standards, implementation of effective management, capitalization increase and development only on the basis of innovative technologies.

The systemic task of Ristone Holdings is to increase the demand for its products, to prepare its exit to world markets, including European ones, thanks to the growth of competitiveness in terms of price and quality.

We strive not only to create new jobs and production in the territories where Ristone Holdings enterprises are based, but also to strengthen the implementation of social responsibility, aimed at ensuring the comprehensive development of these territories, protection of the natural environment. Actively support national development projects in the cultural and social sphere.
One of the main tasks of the successful and stable development of Ristone Holdings is to improve work with personnel, focusing on increasing labor productivity not only thanks to new technologies, but also thanks to the application of a flexible and effective system of remuneration for work, stimulation of the creative potential of employees.

Since 2019, the Riston Holdings group of companies has officially become a member of the European Business Association (EBA), having received the corresponding certificate. The decision to join RH was made at a meeting of the Association’s board.

The European Business Association is the largest association of foreign, European and domestic businesses in Ukraine, it is the largest business community that unites more than 1,000 companies operating on the Ukrainian market and sharing European business principles and standards.