Social policy

We are convinced that any successful business must form and implement an active social policy. This is not only an indicator of success, it is primarily an indicator of maturity and responsibility of the commercial structure.

The social policy of our Ristone Holdings holding is implemented in several directions:

  • regarding the staff of the holding’s employees and their family members;
  • regarding shareholders from whom the holding leases land plots;
  • regarding residents of the territories and settlements where the holding’s enterprises are located.
  • regarding the cultural heritage and preservation of the traditions of the Ukrainian people in the territories where the holding conducts production activities.

Social program for the staff of the holding

In order to form the motivation of employees, increase their dedication and self-realization in the production activities of the holding, a special place is given to the company’s social policy. It is implemented by providing our employees with a social package – additional benefits, services and payments of a social nature:

  • Close interaction with the primary trade union organizations of the All-Ukrainian Trade Union of Food, Processing Industry and Related Industries. 21 primary trade union organizations were created in the labor collectives of the holding’s enterprises;
  • Equity co-financing of the organizational needs of trade union cultural and mass and sports and health work for employees is carried out. At all events, the best by profession, leaders in industries, and the best athletes are celebrated. They are awarded prizes, honorary degrees, thanks, valuable gifts, and flowers. A baker’s competition, spartakiades and a mini-football competition are held annually.
  • Availability of own medical centers at a number of enterprises of the holding. Providing executive assistance to primary health care centers in rural settlements that are basic for the holding;
    Hot food for staff in the canteen on the territory of the enterprise. Organization of food for employees participating in field work (sowing, harvesting);
    Insurance against accidents at work;
  • Regular special assessment of workplaces for their compliance with the requirements of sanitary and hygienic norms and safety techniques;
  • Festive and corporate events (concerts, creative evenings of rest, tourist trips, etc.); New Year’s gifts for the children of employees of the holding’s enterprises.
  • Evaluation of the achievements and labor successes of employees by presenting them with state, departmental and corporate awards, valuable gifts. The tradition of the annual collective holding of a professional holiday – the Day of Agricultural and Processing Industry Workers;
  • Encouraging the best employees of the holding’s rural agro-enterprises with free health vouchers for vacations in foreign tourist complexes;
  • Encouraging employees to engage in physical education and sports, holding their own and participating in regional sports events (football, complex sports event, etc.).
  • Forming respect for agricultural work, preserving the memory of the best representatives of the agricultural industry in the territories where the holding’s rural enterprises are located – making and installing memorial signs in honor of noble agrarians from the same village.

Social program for shareholders and other residents of the settlements of the holding’s agro-industrial enterprises

The holding not only makes fair payment for leased land shares, but also implements a large additional program of social support and protection of rural residents, development of rural areas. First of all, it is the creation of new jobs and the payment of stable wages for peasants.

Secondly, the holding’s structural units work continuously in the regions of our presence to promote the social and infrastructural development of the village, social protection and support of the population. This work is carried out both through the corporate charity fund and through the system of local events of individual enterprises of the holding. An example of the first is the patronage of veterans of rural labor, the distribution of charitable assistance with the products of the holding among them. An example of the second is an additional discount to the tariff for water supply to residential buildings in the villages of Mykolaivka and Znamenivka, Novomoskovsk district, Dnipropetrovsk region, for shareholders of the holding. In this village, water supply for part of the village is carried out by the forces and equipment of the holding’s agro-enterprise.

Over the past few years, the enterprises of the holding have formed a tradition of holding food fairs of their products at producer prices for local residents, which provides significant assistance to the local population in purchasing affordable food products.
Also, Ristone Holdings and its structural divisions initiate and participate in organizational and financial support of cultural and educational and sports and mass events for residents of the territories of their presence. Among such activities: financial support for the football team of the holding, which showed good results in the interregional championship, football tournaments for school teams, participation in the holding of days of villages and cities, provision of financial assistance to children’s creative teams, etc.

Cultural heritage

Cultural heritage includes items and objects that have archaeological, historical, cultural, artistic and religious significance, as well as unique objects of the natural environment and cultural knowledge, innovations and customs of rural communities that embody the traditional Ukrainian way of life, which are protected in the interests of current and future generations.
The enterprises of the holding treat with care the monuments of history and nature located in the territories of our economic activity. Among them, under the protection of the holding’s enterprises: historical burial mounds, banks of nearby rivers and reservoirs with their colorful and plants listed in the Red Book.
Ristone Holdings allocates charitable funding for the publication of books by local rural authors, materially and organizationally supports folklore collectives, school local history museums.